Boosting business performance by supporting your people’s health and happiness

Absence from the workplace is predicted to cost the UK economy £21bn a year by 2020 and employee mental health is an increasing factor in absence (a 71.9% rise since 2011).

Along with the cost of paying salaries during absence there are other costs to a business such as the cost of cover workers or overtime and senior time diverted to manage absences and returns to work. Where no cover is provided, morale amongst employees who regularly have to take on the workload of absent colleagues will suffer.

Productivity can be affected if the working environment is detrimental to an employee’s wellbeing. Many people spend long periods of time sitting at desks or driving, with poor posture and performing repetitive movements. Over time this can lead to back, shoulder and neck issues, pain, stress and other chronic health conditions such as headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, digestive issues and low energy.

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Regular yoga practice brings many benefits for employee health and wellbeing which result in clear benefits for the employer:

  • Yoga helps to reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety levels

  • The breathing practice of yoga increases your ability to be focused and aware in the moment

  • Flexibility is not just about touching toes, yoga also helps you develop a flexible mindset

  • Yoga improves your posture and encourages healthy spine alignment and is brilliant for your joints and muscles

  • Yoga encourages a better relationship with the self, leading to boosted confidence and self-esteem

We are able to offer a range of yoga services to support your wellbeing agenda;

  • Taster yoga sessions for your team - 45 or 60 minute introductory classes at our studio or your premises

  • Regular yoga classes for your employees at lunchtime or before/after work at our studio or your premises

Our studio in Stockport town centre is the perfect environment to take a yoga class - spacious, peaceful and fully equipped with mats and all yoga props. However, we can also discuss suitable locations within your workplace to run classes. For classes not held at the studio, we can service the borough of Stockport and wider surrounding areas.

Some recent feedback from a business class:

  • Wonderful session, I hope to come again

  • Great taster session, reminded me why I used to love it so much, would love to come back

  • Thoroughly enjoyed Emma's practice today - just wish it was longer!

  • Amazingly relaxed and zen - perfect mid day practice!

  • Lovely class for all levels

  • Great class, I loved the oil at the end

  • Really enjoyed my lunchtime session, if only we could do this every week

  • Really lovely class and teacher

  • First time doing yoga and was surprised at the energy involved but how good I felt after in body and mind

Emma Gartside, owner of Upward Frog Yoga, worked supplier-side in HR consulting for 20+ years and has plenty of experience in helping to build business cases to support HR and wellbeing initiatives.

To find out more and start a conversation about how yoga could benefit your business, please get in touch with us.

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