Welcome to our studio

If you are new to yoga …

We understand that you might feel nervous if you’ve never been to a yoga class before.  At Upward Frog, everyone is welcome to come and practice yoga but there are certain classes which you might find more accessible if you are just starting out on your yoga journey.  Have a read of our class descriptions which includes guidance on the level of experience needed for each class. Or, why not try Yoga for Beginners - our beginner’s class?  It runs over twelve weeks and covers the basics of yoga practice, giving you a firm foundation and the confidence to join an established group class.  We run that class with morning and evening options and with a smaller number of students.  You can join at any time.

Not new to yoga, but new to Upward Frog …

We offer a range of class styles including dynamic power and vinyasa classes, hatha, yin and restorative. Everyone who comes to the studio is welcome and treated equally. Our style is to be accessible and friendly whilst being respectful of the ancient traditions of yoga. No gimmicks, just hard work and practice in a supportive environment.

Studio rules

Nobody likes a long list of do’s and don’ts but here are our guidelines to keep the studio running smoothly for everyone’s benefit.

Class Bookings

  • All classes must be pre-booked and paid for online. You can pay as you go (drop in rate) or save money by buying a class pass.


  • Please don’t arrive late for your class - we won’t be able to let you in. There is no reception and the teacher will lock the door when the class begins. Ideally arrive about 10 minutes before the class start to give you time to settle on to your mat.

  • If it is your first class, arrive in plenty of time so the teacher can welcome you, answer any questions and help you to get settled.

  • Please ensure you can stay for the full class. Leaving before the end is disruptive to other students and also means you don’t get the full benefits of practice.


  • Please inform your teacher of any significant health issues or concerns but do remember that we are yoga teachers, not doctors or physiotherapists.


  • All equipment is provided - mats, bricks, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters. If you want to bring your own mat or props, please feel free to do so. We also sell mats for you to practice at home.


  • Please leave your shoes in the shoe storage at the door.

  • We practice barefoot. If you really must wear socks, please use wear the ones with non stick spots on the bottom.

  • No walking on the studio floor in shoes.

Yoga Clothes

  • Wear comfortable clothes to practice in. Maybe bring an extra layer to put on in savasana. Socks are ok in savasana.

Personal Belongings

  • Your bags and coats should be left in the store room at the end of the studio. We provide lockers for your valuables.


  • No mobile phones in the studio. Please leave your phone, off or silent, in a locker.

Food and Drink

  • Don’t come to yoga on a full tummy or within 2-3 hours of a big meal. It’s best not to be hungry though, so a small snack beforehand is ok.

  • You don’t need to bring water to class but if you do, please ensure that it is in a non spill bottle.


  • Congratulations! However, we do not recommend starting yoga whilst you are pregnant. If you already had an established practice you can join classes after the first trimester. Please inform your teacher that you are pregnant.