Each week in our beginners class we work together on a different element of your developing yoga practice.

Remember, these are classes, not a sequential course, so you can join us at any time!

Week 1

Build Your Practice on a Solid Foundation - Take time to practice the alignment and body modifications for the five foundational poses in yoga (as defined by Upward Frog)! These are the poses from which all other poses begin. We will also practice some of the other “classic” yoga poses such as Downward Facing Dog and Tree pose.

Week 2

Here Comes the Sun - Learn the breath flow and component poses of Sun Salutation A and Classical Sun Salutations. Then put all the poses together to form a flowing, meditative sequence. With modifications and additions to give you the confidence to practice sun salutations in any studio class or at home.

Week 3

Bend it ….. Forward - Forward folding, or forward bending, is a key movement in yoga. Learn how to fold correctly and safely, including taking modifications, and practice the foundational standing, seated and supine forward folds.

Week 4

Twist It - Understand rotation of the spine and learn the key principles of safe spinal twisting. The body’s energetic centre is ignited (tapas) through twisting and they can be very powerful poses. Learn how to create a sense of length in the body and co-ordinate your breath to deepen and explore your twists. You will practice foundational standing, seated and supine twists.

Week 5

Bend it ….. Backward - don’t panic, it’s not as scary as it sounds …. backbends (sending the body backwards in space) are invigorating poses which give us energy. We will also look at the related topic of spinal extension and flexibility.

Week 6

Rotate it - This class is about movement in our ball and socket joints - turning a bone around in the joint. Specifically we will be looking at how the big leg bone (femur) rotates in the hip and how the upper arm bone (humerus) rotates in the shoulder.

Week 7

Shoulders and Arms - The shoulder is a very mobile joint and we have to work carefully in yoga to keep it safe and stable. This class will introduce poses to open up the shoulders and stretch and strengthen the arms - countering the action of hunching forward over desks, phones and steering wheels.

Week 8

Happy Hips and Hamstrings - tight hamstrings and hips account for a lot of grumbles in the yoga studio … this class will introduce poses to develop strength and flexibility in our hips and hamstrings- releasing the lower body as well as the lower spine and the fascial tissue of the IT band.

Week 9

Be a Warrior not a Worrier - In this class we will cover the alignment and misalignments of the strong standing poses, Warrior I, II and III and their friends Humble Warrior and Reverse Warrior. We will also look at variations and modifications so that you can practice these poses with a true warrior heart and spirit.

Week 10

Getting in a Bind - binds are a mechanism for deepening certain yoga poses by wrapping your arms around a body part or joint. They can be very challenging so it’s important that you have prepared the body (especially your back and shoulders) before practice them. In this class we will look at safe techniques and modifications for beginning to include binds in your practice.

Week 11

Developing Your Personal Strength and Power - your yoga practice can give you a deep connection to your body that will help you in all areas of your life. The more you practice, the more you learn to feel and connect.

Week 12

Balancing the Body to Balance the Mind - this week we focus on our balancing poses - both on one leg, and those where both feet are on the ground but it’s a challenge to balance. We will learn the key principles for approaching balances in yoga, and bring awareness to the things that can affect our balance.

Week 13

Finding your Dristhi - every pose in yoga has its own soft gaze point (dristhi) where you take your eyes/focus during the pose, helping to develop your concentration (dharana). In this class we will learn the dristhi (and variations) for our foundational poses

Week 14

Chakras and Energetic Anatomy - in this practice we turn our attention to energetic (subtle) anatomy and the seven chakras (centres of energy) in the body and learn which poses can to help to tune in and rebalance each of our chakras.

Week 15

Using Props to Support Your Yoga Practice - props (blocks, straps, bolsters, sandbags etc) can be a helpful addition to your practice. In this class we will be using props in every pose to find new ways to experience our practice

Week 16

Love Your Hands, Feet, Wrists, Ankles and Toes - in the final week of the rotation we will be investing time to focus on developing strength, mobility and flexibility in these important bones and joints.