Private Yoga Sessions

Emma is available at certain times on the weekend, daytimes and evenings for private individual or group lessons at the studio.

For individuals: we can work with you on a particular aspect of your practice such as alignment and technique, poses for a particular purpose or to focus on strength and stamina.  If you are a complete beginner this might be a useful starting point before joining an established class.

Private yoga sessions cost from £40.00 per hour.

For groups:  a semi private lesson is a great way to have personal attention whilst sharing the cost with friends or family. 

We can also run classes in the workplace.  Yoga is brilliant for clarity, creativity, stress reduction and focus.  Your HR or wellbeing team might even fund or subsidise the classes because there are so many known business benefits. Read more about our yoga services for business.

To discover how we can work together, get in touch.