Starting and growing a family is a special time in your life, and yoga and breathing techniques can help to keep you fit, strong, calm and prepared for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

It’s not a time where we would recommend that you start a brand new practice by attending general classes, however there are two special classes for mums-to-be and new mothers at the studio. You don’t need any prior experience of yoga for either of them.

These specialist classes are run by yoga teacher Jaina Bhana-Mistry who specialises in pregnancy, antenatal education and postnatal care for women and their families.

Pregnancy Yoga and Antenatal Education

This class is suitable from about 15 weeks of pregnancy until your baby arrives. During these classes, Jai will teach you:

  • Movements that guide baby into more optimal positions for birth

  • Birth breathing techniques to give you an effective coping tool to use during labour and birth.

  • How to avoid common pregnancy ailments, such as backache, heartburn, insonmia or pelvic pain

  • Techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, balance your emotions and be able to enjoy deep, restful sleep

You will also be able to share your experiences and make lasting friendships, creating the invaluable support network that all new mummies need.

Postnatal Yoga (Restore your Core)

The postnatal class is for mums and babies (until they are on the move). It’s an opportunity to practice yoga with baby at your side or to come on your own if you have child care.

The class is suitable to start from six weeks after a vaginal birth or eight weeks if you had a c-section. Please get the all clear from your doctor before starting and ask them to check if you have Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) before you begin yoga.

Booking Jaina’s Classes

Postnatal yoga and Pregnancy Yoga are held on Tuesdays at the Studio. The timetable includes all Jaina’s classes but transfers you to her website to make bookings directly. Class passes are available from Jaina for both pregnancy and postnatal classes. Alternatively connect with Jai via Instagram or email if you have any questions.