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Gong Spa

A gong bath is a super-vibrational experience. Gongs are such a vibrational instrument, with tremendous, organic beauty in their sounds, often reminding us of something of our inner nature. The vibrations swim around the room, through every cell, massaging away our tensions, our stresses, our blockages. They affect our brainwaves so that our minds move easily from thinking mind to dreaming mind, meditation and sleep.

As a participant, all you need to do is lie down and be open to receive. It is just a time to relax, and to just be. Sometimes during a gong bath our minds may take us on inner journeys of discovery, which may be relaxing, may be challenging, may open doors.... and sometimes we just lay and enjoy being who we are, embraced by the deep relationship between sound vibration and human vibration. Every gong bath is unique because we are always a new person, from one session to the next.

You may find yourselves feeling deeply relaxed afterwards, as though you have put down many loads you've been carrying. You may also sleep a wonderful sleep when you get home to bed.

Martyn will play the gongs and his other instruments for around 45 minutes then there will be a 5 minute silence to allow the experience to settle to its natural conclusion. At the end of the session there’s time for a chat and a cup of jasmine tea or glass of water.

We have mats, bolsters and plenty of warm blankets at the studio but please feel free to bring anything to help your relaxation, such as your own pillow or eye mask. Wear comfortable clothes (yoga clothes not necessary)!