The benefits of yoga are not just for adults, young people can also get huge benefits from yoga practice.

We currently offer a monthly family yoga class called CONNECT. It’s aimed at young people aged between 9 and 15 years and their parents, grandparents or other carers. . The class is 75 minutes long and offers an opportunity for the family to slow down, spend quality time together and learn techniques which will help everyone in the family to manage the busy-ness and stresses of everyday life.

In the class you can expect to move, listen, talk, laugh and breathe. Through a mixture of partner work and individual activity your teacher will guide you through yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditations and visualisations.

The benefits of yoga for young people:

  1. Physical benefits. As for adults, yoga builds strength, works on your flexibility and helps to keep good posture (countering the forward motion of sitting at a desk or indeed gadget and gaming activity)

  2. Focus and concentration. In yoga we are trying to live life in the present moment and this can help young people to focus on their tasks and activities at home and in school.

  3. Mental health. Yoga helps young people who have anxiety and depression, bringing more positivity to their mood. For this reason, yoga can also help to alleviate exam and academic stress. Yoga also helps to regulate sleep patterns.

  4. Social interactions. In the modern, online world, young people have additional challenges. Yoga encourages us to be non judgemental and helps with body image, acceptance, confidence, relationships and develop compassion for others and the self.


CONNECT runs on the first Sunday of each month and is led by Dr Sally Eccleston who is uniquely qualified as both a children’s (and adults’) yoga teacher and an educational psychologist.